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Poker Knights Poker Chips & Sets

The Poker Knights poker chips are clay poker chips that have a 3 color chip mold and features imprints of a sword striking through a spade around the chip face. The inlay is compressed onto the chip and laminated with a thin layer of vinyl. (same as a real casino poker chip). The Poker Knights poker chips are available in 12 colors and may be purchased in bundles of 25 chips.

All of the Poker Knights poker chip sets can be customized by you. You select how many of each chip you want in your set!

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600 poker knights poker chip set in an aluminum case
600 Poker Knights Poker Chip Set
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Bulk Poker Knights poker chips in quantities of 5000 chips or more
5000+ Bulk Poker Knights Poker Chips
Choose from 5k to 20k Chips
As Low as 12.6¢ per Chip
$667.00 - $2,527.20
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