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Triangle and Stick Poker Chips

The Triangle and Stick poker chips are 4 color clay poker chips with a weight of 13.5 gram weight. These are a high quality non-denominational chip. Non-denominational chips give you the flexibility to make any chip color the denomination that you need.

  • Non-Denomination Flexibility - make any color, any denomination
  • High Quality Clay Poker Chip
  • 13.5 gram weight
  • 40mm Diameter
  • 10 Chip Colors

Please Note: if an individual Triangle and Stick is out of stock, It is also out of stock with all of the Triangle and Stick sets.

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Triangle & Stick poker chips are superior for three reasons: Materials, Edge Spots and Molds.


Only the finest clay and composite materials are used during the production process of the Triangle & Stick poker chips. Using only casino quality raw materials in the mold, not only makes the Triangle & Stick chips look like they come off the casino floor, but they feel like it too.

Edge Spots

Each Triangle & Stick poker chip uses two-color edge spots. Each chip has 4 stripes and 4 triangles and uses a different color scheme. This process yields an exciting and wonderful array of colors on your poker table.


A three-color chip mold is used for the Triangle & Stick poker chips. The chip is designed with engraved impressions (known as mold marks) around the chip face. The mold marks provide the chip with an identity, texture, security and aestheticism. Casinos will use a mold mark for security and branding. Mold markings give the Triangle & Stick poker chip its personality.

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